City of Tshwane by-law operation targets spaza shops selling expired goods

Media statement                                                                                          20 February 2024

Ald Grandi Theunissen

MMC for Community Safety

 City of Tshwane by-law operation targets spaza shops selling expired goods

 This morning, I joined the MMC for Health, Cllr Rina Marx, and the Chief of Police, Commissioner Yolanda Faro, for a multistakeholder by-law operation in Pretoria North.  The operation included waste management and health officials and focused on a variety of issues, including trading licences, counterfeit goods, including goods past their sell-by dates, and drug dealing.

Together, we conducted a thorough inspection targeting various establishments to verify compliance with trading licences, identify counterfeit or expired products and tackle the scourge of drug dealing.

The operation underscored our commitment to maintaining law and order while safeguarding public health and consumer rights. By enforcing regulations governing trading activities and product standards, we aim to protect consumers from potentially harmful or substandard goods. Additionally, cracking down on illegal drug activities is paramount to fostering safer neighbourhoods and combating substance abuse within our communities.

Throughout the operation, our teams worked diligently to assess compliance, address violations and engage with business owners and residents alike. We recognise the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies, health authorities and other relevant stakeholders in promoting a safe and thriving urban environment.

As representatives of the City of Tshwane, we remain steadfast in our duty to uphold by-laws, safeguard public health and enhance the quality of life of all residents. We encourage continued cooperation and support from the community in our efforts to create a safer and more prosperous city for everyone.

Residents are encouraged to report by-law transgressions to the Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) to enable the planning of operations. You can contact the TMPD on 012 358 7095/7096 or at


Ald Grandi Theunissen

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