Water quality monitoring

Drinking water quality in Tshwane


The City of Tshwane is responsible for supplying drinking water (tap water) to Tshwane residents. The City has six of its own water purification plants and these plants receive raw water from nearby dams, which are then purified and disinfected during plant processes and distributed to surrounding consumers, including households, urban areas and industries.

The water is supplied from several fountains and boreholes, of which Tshwane has a rich supply. However, the bulk of Tshwane’s water supply is imported from Rand Water and Magalies Water.

The municipalities of South Africa are regulated by the Department of Water and Sanitation and water quality is measured against the South African national drinking water standard (SANS 241:2015).

All City of Tshwane water treatment plants and supply systems are registered on the Integrated Regulatory Information System of the Department of Water and Sanitation. Information regarding the management processes and water quality is loaded onto this system monthly. Intensive Blue Drop audits are carried out by the department on each registered water purification plant and its supply system, ensuring that the regulator’s stringent requirements for compliance are adhered to and that consumers receive acceptable quality drinking water.

The City of Tshwane has its own analytical laboratory which monitors the quality of drinking water supplied to consumers across Tshwane. Samples are taken daily from different sampling points and from all water sources, water treatment plants and their distribution systems and reservoirs. The samples are analysed against the SANS 241 standard for drinking water quality and these results are loaded on the Department of Water and Sanitation Integrated Regulatory Information System as mentioned above.

These reports are also shared with all water purification plants so that adjustments to processes can be made to improve quality, where required. A very summarised version of the 2024 results to date showing the overall compliances of the combined chemical and microbiological parameters is included below:

For any water quality-related enquiries, please contact the customer care centre using any of the following options:

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