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Background and Facilities

The Tshwane Market is a unique centre where prices are formed and fresh produce is traded to the mutual benefit of suppliers, buyers and consumers. It provides efficient and cost-effective infrastructure and services that comply with international standards.


The Tshwane Market has a national and international client-base. On the procurement side produce is obtained from producers country-wide and on the supply side the market is supported by buyers from all walks of life in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Prices are formed on the basis of supply and demand and set the trend for prices nationally. Markets are often referred to as the stock exchange of the fresh produce industry.


In terms of turnover, the Tshwane Market is the second largest market in South Africa and holds a 16,87% market share of the total turnover of the seventeen fresh produce markets in the country.


The market has a healthy image in the fresh produce industry and is known for its modern and clean facilities. It has a ripening centre of 6 377 m2 floor space with 49 rooms and a capacity of 60 380 boxes per week. The cold rooms consist of lower cold rooms with 1 087,99 m2 floor space and upper cold rooms with 2 115 m2 floor space.


Tshwane Market is constantly faced with the challenge of adapting to an environment which changes rapidly. The market’s future success will be measured by its timely adaptation to the changing environment.


The market management decided to focus on the establishment of more processing and repacking facilities to enhance its turnover and market share. To this effect it was decided to relocate fresh produce and other retailers to the vacant site on the southwestern side of the market and develop a new wholesale facility.


The new facility will provide a suitable and workable platform with a floor area of about 10 000 m2. Construction will be completed at the end of October 2005. This facility will serve the whole of Tshwane and ample provision has been made for parking. The double entrance lane into the premises will also smooth traffic flow for all the different role players expected to visit the market.


The new facility will be a one-stop centre for fresh produce, meat, fish, eggs and flowers, which will be available at affordable prices. A new coffee shop will contribute to a friendly shopping experience. The facilities will also be equipped with state of the art cooling and ventilation systems to ensure a continuous supply of fresh products.

Other market facilities:

  • Fresh produce wholesalers
  • Packaging wholesalers
  • Processing businesses
  • Housewive’s Market
  • Fresh produce wholesalers
  • Egg depot
  • Meat retailer
  • Flower wholesalers
  • Restaurants
  • Rank/autobank

The Tshwane Market is constantly faced with the challenge of a rapidly changing environment. The market’s future success will be driven by its timely adaptation to this changing environment.