Help us locate you quicker in an emergency situation. Download the What3words application

Emergencies can happen anywhere and locating an incident, or finding an injured or sick person, can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, the City of Tshwane Emergency Services Department is now using the what3words application (app) to find you in an emergency situation.


The what3words app’s navigation is precise and emergency services can accurately be routed to the exact location of an incident. When you call the City of Tshwane 107 emergency number, emergency care consultants will be able to track your exact location using the app’s navigation system.


The what3words system is also useful in places without clear road and number systems, such as informal settlements and rural areas. In an emergency, call 107 and get the three words for your current location by simply opening the free what3words app, tapping the current location button and reading the three words off your phone.


If you do not have the what3words app, the City of Tshwane Emergency Services Department will send you an SMS with a link to a special site that will show the what3words address of your current location. Download and install the what3words app on your mobile device, because it could save you in an emergency situation. Use the following link to download what3words today:


Three simple words could save your life! Use the what3words app and call 107 from your landline or cell phone.


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